Diary 2018/19

To enquire about any of these functions, either ring 01353 688275 or email us (see below).

Saturday September 21st 2019 in Queen Adelaide Village Hall:

Join us for a "Downton Experience"

Doors open at 8pm for a Glass of "Bubbly"

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2018 (contd.):

Sunday May 13th

Sunday July 29th

Tea and Cakes with the BAND OF HOPE

FETE: Wells-Next-The-Sea

12:30 pm to 13:50 pm

Friday August 24th

Private Booking.

Sunday December 2nd

Saturday December 8th

Lunchtime at 11A Bar Ely

Private Booking.


Sunday February 17th

Saturday February 23rd

Sunday March 24th

Sunday April 28th

Sunday June 2nd

Lunchtime at 11A Bar Ely

PUBLIC FUNCTION: Mayor of Ely Charity Dinner, entry by pre-paid tickets only. For details, please click here

Lunchtime at 11A Bar Ely

Lunchtime at 11A Bar Ely 13:00 to 15:00

Private Booking.

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