The Music

Just like today, not all the Popular Music of the 1920s and early 30s was in the same style, and we try to present an overall picture in sound of what could be heard at the time. We have divided what we play into several categories, and you can hear a short snippet from each to give you an idea of how we sound.

The original inspiration for the band was the music played by The Temperance Seven in the early 1960s, when they first revived this period. One of their most famous recordings was Pasadena, and that is our first track.

During this period there lived a very famous trumpeter called Bix Beiderbecke, who, although he died when he was very young (of bootleg hooch, so they say), left a legacy of solos that are still revered today. We have a fair selection of these and our next snippet is his version of Singin' the Blues.

At this time, Duke Ellington had a band playing at "The Cotton Club" in Harlem, and he wrote music for it of a far more serious nature. We play several of his compositions, and the example we have chosen is Creole Love Call.

We play a number of pieces that overlap with the Traditional Jazz repertoire, and our offering from this is Whistlin' Rufus. This is in fact a very old tune and pre-dates the 1920s.

Click to play:

​Remember that the First World War had just finished and people wanted gaiety and fun, and loved comic songs and novelty numbers. Our next example is Teddy Bears' Picnic.

The dawning of the 1930s heralded style changes, and in this category we present for you Spread A Little Happiness. And finally, probably the best known of all the "Good Time" 1920s tunes, The Charleston!

We have a large repertoire (see below); those above are a small sample. When you hear the band live we have vocals and a lot of "business". We look forward to seeing you!